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Top Tier Synthetics USA is your premier nationwide AMSOIL dealership serving the U.S. and Canada. Based in Central Pennsylvania, we offer consumers wholesale prices in a competitive synthetic oil market. If you typically buy AMSOIL products at retail stores, we’ll save you 25% off of retail prices and will have your AMSOIL products delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the country! As our preferred customer, you will also enjoy free shipping on qualified orders.

If you’re into motorsports, AMSOIL is a household name. It’s the top pick for high-performance racing and power sports enthusiasts in the industry. Likewise, AMSOIL provides the best engine protection at an affordable cost for your car or light truck’s synthetic oil changes. And AMSOIL synthetic oil is top tier choice for diesel and motorcycle oil as well.

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Filtration Products

AMSOIL offers premium filtration products, such as bypass systems, oil filters, air filters, fuel filters and more.

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AMSOIL Registered Preferred Customers save up to 25% on orders and receive other benefits throughout the year.

Pistons and Crank Shaft | AMSOIL Transmission Fluid and Engine Oil

AMSOIL’s protection and performance claims are founded on laboratory testing data as well as consumer preferences. The first in synthetics, AMSOIL corporation has thrived for over 50 years. Among a wide array of synthetic oil, greases, fuel additives and other lubricants, there are three main varieties of oil formulations for your daily commuter vehicle.

      • The 0E synthetic oil is perfect for routine use at recommended oil change intervals.
      • XL Boosted synthetic oil provides extended protection for up to 12,000 miles between oil changes.
      • And the Signature Series is top-of-the-line formulation for 25,000 miles or one year between oil changes.

Additionally, AMSOIL produces specialized formulations for racing, marine/boating, 2-stroke engines and more. We encourage you to browse our site, including resources like AMSOIL’s vehicle guides to find the right product for your application. Or call us, and we’ll help you with your oil and lubricant needs. Never pay retail prices for AMSOIL again!